Mellor Management: SweatSHOP is an interactive, performative installation using humour and play to critique and subvert corporate practices. Performed during the Abandon Normal Devices Festival in Manchester, we transformed Ferrious from a furniture showroom into the temporary Mellor Management headquarters. Under the guise of a corporate consultant, Mellor Management CEO, Alexia Mellor, performed a test of endurance, cycling on a bicycle attached to a small generator powering a LED “SHOP” sign during the shop’s open hours.

After the athletic feats accomplished at the Olympics, SweatSHOP aims to sensitise us to the corporatisation of sport and the failure of many companies’ labour policies through the artist’s own physical trials.

Mellor Management would like to thank Cornerhouse, Ferrious, Sign-A-Rama in Stockport, and Tom Evans of Chain Reaction Power Systems for making this event possible.





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