We’re all afraid of the big, bad wolf

Even if we say we aren’t afraid of anything, there is always something lurking around in our psyche that gives us a bit of unease. Whether it is a fear of not being able to pay back student loans, a fear of snakes in toilets stemming from watching a documentary as a child, or fear of losing those we love, we all share a fear of something.

During this past week at KunstVlaai, people have opened up about the very whimsical and very serious fears they have, and many have joined me in creating safety devices to protect us from these fears. Whether it is a safety vest for a pet donkey or a protective handle to avoid wooden popsicle sticks in our mouths, engaging in the creative process to combat fears also serves to dispel the power they have over us.

I’m looking forward to the final few days of KunstVlaai and seeing what arises! Stay tuned for images from this growing installation!


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