A to Z Unit at Artsadmin 2 Degrees Festival, London, 8-11 June 2017



What is the future of food in the face of climate change?


The A to Z Unit has been delegated by the 2 Degrees Festival to jump 50 years into the future to explore the new, renewable and modifiable economic commodity of micro_organisms (bacteria & yeasts). Micro_organisms are worth more than gold, and the key ingredient to the future of our food, economic and social systems. We have identified these resources and future sustainable food sources within the local craft food and beer micro_economic system of East London.


Join the A to Z UnitWe are recruiting a select team of micro_prospectors to join the A to Z Unit for our East London mission. Using a specialised toolkit we will harvest, map and sample local items such as bread, beer, cheese and other indicators of micro_organism transformed food and beverages before transporting them into the year 2067.

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