A Circular Household Kits Available

The Circular Economy is being proposed as an alternative to our current economic models that promote production, consumption and discarding goods. The Circular Economy asks us to rethink waste as a resource, and keep things in circulation for as long as possible once they are made.

A Circular Household is an attempt to understand how these principles might be applied in our homes and communities. Could we use coffee grounds for compost, or even to grow mushrooms? And could we use those mushroom roots to create a biodegradable packing material or building material? Could we grow our own onions using the leftover ends of onions from last night’s dinner?

A Circular Household asks us to imagine the world we want to live in,  and creatively look at ways to make it.

A Circular Household kits are available! The kit guides you through collecting data on what you use, consume, produce, recycle and waste, and then helps you come up with a way of visualising and mapping that information so that you can look at where you might want to make changes. It also helps you imagine possibilities by providing you with existing and speculative ideas!

Interested?? Contact me at: a@alexiamellor.com