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Adding to the Reading List: New Releases on Socially Engaged Art

“Socially Engaged” seems to be the buzzword of 2011. New MFA programs specifically dedicated to art that directly engages the public are cropping up left and right. Claire Bishop and Grant Kester’s discussions of the participatory are cropping up again. And of course, the age-long question: “Is Jackass performance art?” Well, it looks like there are a few hot reads out there right now that just might answer that and more!

Another year over, a new one just begun!

New Year brings a combination of excitement and dread for me. It’s a blank canvas! There is so much I can do! But what if I don’t do enough?? What if I don’t do it right?? It’s not dissimilar to the feelings that often accompany the creative practice and artistic process, in my experience. In the case of both my advice is: just jump in!

So, taking my own advice, I have decided to begin 2012 with a blog. I really enjoyed the daily communion with my computer while working on my Carving the Road to London project last summer and have opted to revisit the process.

As I sit watching the seemingly never-ending stream of commercials advertising online dating sites and diet programs that suddenly appear around December 30th each year, I have opted to forgo the traditional list of resolutions that undoubtedly remind me of my flaws and all the exciting things lacking in my life, in favor of a list of gentle reminders. It’s an ongoing list,but here it is… in no particular order.

1. Learn something new.
2. Set realistic expectations. OK, as a Virgo this can be difficult for me, but I am going to aim for it.
3. Gratitude. We all could have more of it.
4. Read more fiction.
5. Trust.
6. Take more photos just for the heck of it.
7. Laugh. A lot.
8. Create a daily log of all that I want to accomplish and buy a special pen to check each item off!
9. Be brave and keep on truckin’.

And in light of all that and my personal love of aviation, here’s a nice little story to kick off 2012.
Happy New Year! May it be a wonderful one!

You’re invited to MIND THE GAP September 13-15, 2011!

September 13-15, 2011
10:00-18:00 daily

MIND THE GAP is a multi-media, multi-platform arts initiative to be held in Istanbul September 13-15, 2011. Headquartered at IMC 5533 art space, MIND THE GAP presents performative and new media work by emerging artists from around the globe addressing gaps and borders of all kinds: geographic and social borders, and technological and spatial gaps. With site-specific performances in public spaces around Istanbul, daily guided boat tours on the Bosphorus that offer a new perspective on orientation and the sea, and a virtual interactive mapping project, MIND THE GAP creates unique and participatory experiences to revision the ways we experience art.

Please join us for a video screening preview on September 12th from 16:00-18:30 and our final screening and closing reception on Thursday, September 15 from 16:00-18:30 at IMC 5533.

Whether you are right here in Istanbul with us or on the other side of the globe, we invite you to participate in our interactive works. From downloadable audio soundscapes, to our Vimeo page featuring all of our video works, to our “Map the Gap” digital photo project, viewers from around the world can actively participate in bridging gaps. As a participant in the “Map the Gap” project, you have the opportunity to explore your own ideas of gaps and have your digital photos displayed on our Tumblr.

For more information on the schedule of events and how to participate in our interactive programming, please visit: or contact us at:

In addition to the arts programming, MIND THE GAP is featured as a panel at ISEA2011 at Sabanci University, Levent, on September 18th,13:00-14:30.

(in the Istanbul Textile Traders Market)
5533- İMÇ 5.Blok no: 5533 Unkapanı-Istanbul.

Follow us on Twitter:!/mindthegap4