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Breaking The 404th Wall

I’m delighted to announce a new project and exhibition I am working on with artists, Dominic Smith and Anthony Schrag: The 404th Wall and DIY-wania. The multi-phase project has been selected as part of ISEA2014 in Dubai and aims to investigate notions of place-making and the role of the artist in increasingly mediated landscapes. The project will take place between The NewBridge Project in Newcastle upon Tyne (UK)  and in Dubai, 30 October-8 November 2014, and will be viewable online.

The 404th Wall invites submissions to our open call for interpretations of the dreaded 404 error code. For more information and to apply, please visit our project website: Deadline: 10 September!


“What brings us closer potentially tears us apart. This is the underlying theme of The 404-th Wall, an experimental springboard of new platforms for participatory and new media practices. Hosted by The NewBridge Project and spearheaded by artists Alexia Mellor, Anthony Schrag and Dominic Smith, The 404-th Wall is a satellite project of the International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA), taking place in Dubai, 30 October-8 November, 2014. Referencing both Denis Diderot’s term “breaking the fourth wall” in which the boundary between audience and performer is removed, and the dreaded 404 Internet Error Code, The 404-th Wall presents a series of daily live-streamed events between Newcastle and Dubai, and new media interventions in the NewBridge Project Space exploring the connections and tensions created by our ubiquitous screen-based experiences. From Google Hangout Tea Parties, to commissioned new media pieces made visible only when the Internet connection drops, The 404-th Wall investigates our changing modes of communication as our interdependence with our screens increases.”




Quilting Code at University of Sunderland, 20-21 January 2014

Quilting Code

Informed by the local tradition of Durham quilts and influenced by the underlying codes and motifs that make up the Internet and needlecraft practices, you are invited to participate in a new kind of quilting bee by developing a code through stitches to represent the way we use and contribute to Internet culture.

Join me 20-21 January from 10am-6pm in the Project Space, Priestman Building at University of Sunderland!