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Mellor Management in Pontypool Has Launched

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Croeso, Welcome to Mellor Management in Pontypool!

Mellor Management in Pontypool is a unique collaborative arts residency run by artist Alexia Mellor with the aim of creating participatory events, projects and interventions in Pontypool town centre and surrounding neighbourhoods. Based in the Pontypool Indoor Market, the project invites members of the Pontypool community to engage in a variety of creative activities and conversations that ask what regeneration means to this market town in our current social and economic climate. Mellor Management in Pontypool seeks to discover what the local community wants to project – to its own communities and to the outside – about its past, present and future aspirations.

Through playful events, sharing ideas, and lots of cups of tea, we will gain a better perspective of what community and regeneration mean to Pontypool.

If you are interested in finding out more about our projects and participating, please stop by the Indoor Market, or email Alexia Mellor at:

Follow us on Twitter at: @ProjPontypool  and visit our blog:

Hosted by Torfaen County Borough Council’s Strategic Regeneration Team and jointly funded by the Arts Council of Wales and Torfaen County Borough Council, in collaboration with Addo Creative and Newcastle University


We’re all afraid of the big, bad wolf

Even if we say we aren’t afraid of anything, there is always something lurking around in our psyche that gives us a bit of unease. Whether it is a fear of not being able to pay back student loans, a fear of snakes in toilets stemming from watching a documentary as a child, or fear of losing those we love, we all share a fear of something.

During this past week at KunstVlaai, people have opened up about the very whimsical and very serious fears they have, and many have joined me in creating safety devices to protect us from these fears. Whether it is a safety vest for a pet donkey or a protective handle to avoid wooden popsicle sticks in our mouths, engaging in the creative process to combat fears also serves to dispel the power they have over us.

I’m looking forward to the final few days of KunstVlaai and seeing what arises! Stay tuned for images from this growing installation!

The Unicorn Union goes to KunstVlaii Art Fair in Amsterdam, 23 November-2 December

I will be representing Hotel Maria Kapel at the KunstValaii Art Fair in Amsterdam! Join us in this former lyceum for 10 days of art! I will be creating an evolving installation of personalized safety devices in response to participants’ fears.

If you can’t make it to Amsterdam, you can submit your fears on the HMK website or via our Twitter feed and I’ll make selected devices!