Working Culture Residency begins at The NewBridge Project, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

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Working Culture Residency (WCR) is a participatory project by artist Alexia Mellor in partnership with The NewBridge Project, exploring the current working climate of the UK culture sector.

Whether you are an artist, administrator, local officer, or freelancer, Working Culture Residency is excited to welcome you to our hot desk studio setting. WCR is designed to meet the current working needs of culture sector professionals by providing a much-needed space to work in a vibrant and creative environment. The project also aims to facilitate dialogue, collaboration and understanding amongst the various factors and aspects involved in the sector.

Based on the concept of the Artist Placement Group from the 1960s and 70s in which artists were placed as residents in government and business institutions,WCR has as its mission to bring members of the wider NorthEast culture sector and funders together through a hot-desking space in the heart of The NewBridge Project artist studios.

 WCR reflects the common working model of hot-desking that many freelancers and sector workers use. Participants are invited to reserve a space at the hot-desks, providing time and space in Newcastle City Centre to base themselves during their workday.

The project provides opportunities for makers, funders and other cultural sector stakeholders to network and communicate in an informal, co-working situation, while gaining a better understanding of how the sector at large operates.

Spaces are completely free and available on a regular or one-time basis Tuesdays-Fridays, 10am-6pm from March 1-April 30, 2014. In addition to the regular hot-desking schedule, special events will be held throughout the residency period.

 For more information and to reserve a space for any length of time, please email us at:

The NewBridge Project supports artists to investigate and challenge the boundaries of contemporary art practice.

The NewBridge Project, 12 New Bridge Street West, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 8AW

Quilting Code at University of Sunderland, 20-21 January 2014

Quilting Code

Informed by the local tradition of Durham quilts and influenced by the underlying codes and motifs that make up the Internet and needlecraft practices, you are invited to participate in a new kind of quilting bee by developing a code through stitches to represent the way we use and contribute to Internet culture.

Join me 20-21 January from 10am-6pm in the Project Space, Priestman Building at University of Sunderland!


Mellor Management in Pontypool Has Launched

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Croeso, Welcome to Mellor Management in Pontypool!

Mellor Management in Pontypool is a unique collaborative arts residency run by artist Alexia Mellor with the aim of creating participatory events, projects and interventions in Pontypool town centre and surrounding neighbourhoods. Based in the Pontypool Indoor Market, the project invites members of the Pontypool community to engage in a variety of creative activities and conversations that ask what regeneration means to this market town in our current social and economic climate. Mellor Management in Pontypool seeks to discover what the local community wants to project – to its own communities and to the outside – about its past, present and future aspirations.

Through playful events, sharing ideas, and lots of cups of tea, we will gain a better perspective of what community and regeneration mean to Pontypool.

If you are interested in finding out more about our projects and participating, please stop by the Indoor Market, or email Alexia Mellor at:

Follow us on Twitter at: @ProjPontypool  and visit our blog:

Hosted by Torfaen County Borough Council’s Strategic Regeneration Team and jointly funded by the Arts Council of Wales and Torfaen County Borough Council, in collaboration with Addo Creative and Newcastle University


We’re all afraid of the big, bad wolf

Even if we say we aren’t afraid of anything, there is always something lurking around in our psyche that gives us a bit of unease. Whether it is a fear of not being able to pay back student loans, a fear of snakes in toilets stemming from watching a documentary as a child, or fear of losing those we love, we all share a fear of something.

During this past week at KunstVlaai, people have opened up about the very whimsical and very serious fears they have, and many have joined me in creating safety devices to protect us from these fears. Whether it is a safety vest for a pet donkey or a protective handle to avoid wooden popsicle sticks in our mouths, engaging in the creative process to combat fears also serves to dispel the power they have over us.

I’m looking forward to the final few days of KunstVlaai and seeing what arises! Stay tuned for images from this growing installation!

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