Mellor Management



Mellor Management (Alexia Mellor) is an interactive consulting venture offering innovative strategies of humor and play to redesign our everyday experiences. Our clients consist of members of the community, passersby, and anyone who engages with a space. We carefully review the social and spatial aspects of the environments in which our clients function and create performative installations that utilize and subvert corporate stratagem. Mellor Management seeks to help our clients optimize their own critical reflection on consumerism, technology and globalization with the goal of altering urban behaviors and understanding our constantly shifting personal and political relationship to place. Mellor Management is excited to open new global branches to expand our unique services to an international market and offer creative strategies to critique and make transparent corporate practices.

The most recent branch of Mellor Management was opened in Pontypool, South Wales in 2013 in the town’s indoor market.

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Offering daily, non-stop interactive visual art experiences in installation, new media and participatory art around the globe