A {Digital} Stitch in Time


An ongoing project investigating the intersection of art, craft and technology by translating social media memes, pixel by pixel, into cross-stitched tapestries. Drawing a comparison between the pixel and the cross-stitch, while contrasting the amount of time and labor involved in digital and hand-made constructions, I aim to create a physical archive of these fleeting digital memes that offer a window into our online cultural interests and values. The initial tapestries measure  8.25 x 13 inches, the dimensions of a 15-inch laptop.

A {Digital} Stitch in Time considers the meaning of “social networks” and participatory production through the laborious and social nature of needlepoint,  as I explore collective meaning and ownership in the digital age.

Using this project as a starting point, I examine other artists’ projects exploring the relationship between Internet culture and needlework in the accompanying article, also titled A {Digital} Stitch in Time, featured in the upcoming Fall issue of the Media-N Journal.

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