Quilting Code

Using the time-honoured tradition and language of needlecraft, ‘Quilting Code’ attempts to encode our digital experiences into stitched patterns. Through collaboration and dialogue, we will develop a coding system of stitches to make sense of, translate, and preserve the digital stories that define our time.

Stitching patterns onto fabric the colour of Pantone’s 2014 Colour of the Year, we reflect on the digital experiences that dominated 2013, and decide how and what we want to preserve. How do we substitute whip stitches and French knots for the digital binary system, emoticons and SMS language we use daily?

Quilting Code aims to draw direct comparisons between the codes of experience online and the codes of stitching, while bringing an “IRL” community together through a participatory quilting bee.

For images of the installation as part of Up the Creek/Under the Cloud with Victoria Bradbury at Sunderland University, please visit the project’s site:

http://quiltingcode.wordpress.com/Quilting Code

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