Calming Itch Relief

A collaboration with Sean M. Johnson, Calming Itch Relief (2008) is a multi-media participatory installation. A mash-up of Grey’s Anatomy meets Britney Spears, Calming Itch Relief explores cultural expectations of family, love and marriage. With the personae of Brad and Felicia we set up a clinic where we consulted patients on various health and social issues they faced. Upon their visit, they were presented with our constant bickering and “dramatic” love issues featured in video projections, all revolving around ideals of gender and marriage. Once inside the clinic, we probed and poked our patients until diagnosed. Upon their exit, patients were “healed” with our rendition of Britney Spears’s “Gimme More” on a three-channel projection in the recovery room.


Calming Itch Relief (Gimme More) from Alexia Mellor on Vimeo.

Calming Itch Relief (Power of Love) from Alexia Mellor on Vimeo.


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